Kids will be kids and accidents happen. When accidents happen, we are here to assist you. We are just a phone call away. If you need urgent care after hours, please don’t hesitate to call us immediately at (817) 776-8656.



Clean the area and use floss to dislodge any food or debris that may be present. Rinse with water. If needed give Children’s Tylenol or Children’s Motrin. Do not place any medicaments or gels on the gums or inside the tooth. Schedule an appointment so we can check the tooth in question.


Give us a call so that we can assist you. Facial swelling may be from the result of a serious infection which needs immediate attention. If your child is having any trouble breathing, please take your child to the ER immediately.

Chipped Tooth

If you have the fractured piece, please save the piece (best to keep it hydrated in a container with milk or saliva) and call our office to have the tooth evaluated.

Broken Jaw

If you suspect a broken jaw, use a cold compress and head to the ER immediately for evaluation.

Knocked out baby tooth

Apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Call to make an appointment so that we can evaluate the tooth to determine if the entire tooth has exfoliated. ​

Knocked out permanent tooth

If partially dislodged try to re-implant the tooth. If completely dislodged locate the tooth and grab by the crown portion not the root. Rinse and try to re-insert tooth into socket by pushing and hold in place or use paper towels to keep light pressure on the tooth. If unable to re-insert tooth place tooth in either saliva or milk and call the office immediately. Call our office immediately for emergency treatment.

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